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Children's Museum of Houston

1500 Binz Street
Houston, Texas 77004
(713) 522-1138

Hours of Operation: 10 am to 8:30 pm

Website: https://cmhouston.org

All parents should think about taking their kids to the Children’s Museum of Houston. This is among the most prominent Children's Museums that you can find in Houston as of now. There are a total of 14 exhibits at the museum, which cover a total area of over 90,000 square feet. Your kids will never get bored when they are spending their time in the museum.

What can you do at the Children's Museum of Houston?

There are multiple exhibits available to witness and activities to engage with during the time spent at the Children’s Museum of Houston. Here are some of the most prominent options.


Kidtropolis is an attraction that allows kids to pretend as grown-ups. Any kid will be able to learn what it is like to be a grown-up when spending time at this attraction. In other words, kids can play the role of veterinarians, shoppers, business owners, bank tellers, and even emergency technicians. The best thing about this attraction is that it allows kids to understand the basics of saving and spending money.

Power Play

Power Play is an attraction that exposes kids to a variety of physical challenges. There's a 40-foot tall vertical maze, which allows kids to engage in numerous activities here. In addition, there is a climbing wall that allows kids to try out their strengths as well. How does it work? Kids are always curious, and they are trying to learn how different items work. This attraction will help kids to learn how different items work. In other words, it offers activities for young scientists, budding architects, and emerging engineers. If your child is curious about how things work, you should take him/her to this attraction.

Flow Works

Flow Works is a museum that provides a great experience to the kids during the hot summer months. This is an air-conditioned attraction located indoors. The water exhibit is interactive, and it allows the kids to learn more about the properties and forces of water. Your child will be able to manipulate different parts of the exhibit as well.

As you can see, the Children's Museum of Houston provides a rich educational experience for your kids. It is up to you to take your little one here and let him experience the best out of the attraction. It is a great way to spend a productive day with your kids.

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