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Houston Museum of Fine Arts

1001 Bissonnet Street
Houston, Texas 77005
(713) 639-7300

Hours of Operation: 11 am to 6 pm

Website: https://mfah.org

If you're a person who loves fine arts, or if you are interested in exploring fine arts, you should think about visiting the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. It is one of the largest fine arts museums that you can find in the region.

The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston is a massive museum which hosts more than 63,000 pieces of artwork in an area of over 300,000 square feet. All indoor art galleries are air-conditioned. Hence, all artwork that you can see in this museum is well-preserved. (You might want to bring a light jacket or a sweater.)

What can you witness at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston?

There's a massive collection of exhibits at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. However, these exhibits are regularly rotating. On the other hand, you can also find many traveling exhibits as well. They are co-curating with other similar museums that you can find in the region. For example, you can see how they are co-curated with the National Gallery of Art located in Washington DC.

One of the best things about the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston is that it offers fine arts that belong to every era and every continent. They include artifacts that belong to ancient Rome and ancient Greece as well.

If you wish to engage with art, you can find some great opportunities available. Take a look at the roster of performances, film screenings, tours, and talks organized here. During the time you spend at the museum, you may visit the Cullen Sculpture Garden as well. This is a peaceful space where you can find a large number of sculptures. The sculptures that you can find here in the garden belong to the 20th Century and the 21st Century.

We encourage you to take part in guided tours of the museum. These tours help you understand the true meaning of the various pieces of artwork that would elude you if you just visited on your own without a guide. You can find both self-guided tours as well as group tours for more than 10 people.

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