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Let us work with you to determine your needs and put together a pricing plan that meets your budget. Schedule a meeting or call us directly at (832) 230-2872. After we answer any questions, we'll send you a simple form to collect some initial info to begin work on your selected marketing campaign. When you schedule a no-obligation consultation with us, we'll give you a free comprehensive SEO evaluation of your website (a $997 value).


    We will develop a custom SEO strategy based on your $2499/month budget.

  • The Bully Package includes:

  • Website Audit

  • Custom SEO Strategy

  • Advanced Keyword Research

  • On-Page SEO

  • Advanced Off-Page SEO

  • Advanced Link Building

  • Monthly Reporting

  • More "Topical Authority" content, published in a structured way that adds more topical relevance to your brand.

  • Schedule Call

    We will develop a custom SEO strategy based on your $4997/month budget.

    I'm Your Rapid Growth Expert

    Founder of ExcuseBuster SEO

    My name is Daniel Lantis and they call me "The Excuse Buster" because I don't accept excuses. My team is going to get your business to the top of Google (and all the top search engines). Period.

    • Provide us with details about your business

    • We'll design an SEO campaign specific to your business and determine the best strategy for you

    • Schedule an onboarding call

    • Begin campaign production

    • Track, report, follow up

    Unlike many of our competitors, I'm not going to sell you a one-size-fits-all strategy. We're going to analyze your specific company and your competition. We'll determine the most profitable keywords for your business and set about to get you ranked. My one and only goal is to work with you and strategize a system that can take your business to the next level with insane profits.

    ExcuseBuster SEO CEO Daniel Lantis

    Your Questions Answered

    Do you have less expensive packages?

    Our commitment is to get you to the TOP of Google. We put about 30% of the money you pay us right back into your business in the form of quality backlinks and citations. It is our experience that lower priced packages don't provide you with the quality of service you demand. Our prices start at $1,499 and at that level we can provide you with the best service.

    How long before I see any results?

    Optimizing your pages for search engines is not an overnight process. It is going to take about 3 months at minimum for you to see meaningful results. The search engines are ultimately responsible for your placement and we are at the mercy of their algorithms and processes. We put you in the best position to be recognized, but it takes time.

    Why purchase a more expensive package?

    If you're in a very competitive niche or a larger city, it's going to take more effort to rank your site. It will take more backlinks, more targeted content, more citations, more research, more keywords. Basically, more of everything we do to get your site ranked. And when we do more we spend more, but when you're at the top you'll earn more too!

    What happens on our consulting call?

    We're going to get some initial information about your business. What is your main area of profitability? Who are your competitors? What is your service area? Where do your best clients live? We're going to determine what you're currently doing for marketing. Review what keywords you're already ranking for, and which ones you should be ranking for.

    Do you have any guarantees?

    We guarantee that our team will use the best white hat methods to get you to the top position possible in your industry. We'll use our experience to help you obtain the most profitable keywords for your business. Then we'll use our proprietary system to develop content for your website that will grant you massive authority making you the "Wikipedia" of your industry.  

    What are you going to do differently?

    You may have used LOCAL SEO services in the past and it hasn't worked out for you. Maybe you were disappointed with the results and are wondering what we're going to do differently. We will address this on our call, but to briefly address this, we are different because we create a custom plan for each client based on your unique circumstances and competition.


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